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Number one location in Flachau for ski boot fitting

Professionals know that a well-fitting ski boot is essential for a safe and enjoyable day on the slopes. Here at Sport Stangl in the heart of Flachau our professional and experienced members of staff are boot experts when it comes to choosing and fitting ski boots. We use Memory Fit Technology from leading ski boot manufacturer Atomic

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State of the art "Atomic Memory Fit"

Atomic Memory Fit is one of the quickest and most efficient technologies when it comes to boot fitting. It takes just a few minutes to mould the liner to the skier's foot and adjust the shell and cuff accordingly. Speak to a member of staff at Sport Stangl for more information on boot fitting.

three-step process


To start, the liner is removed from the boot and the shell is heated for around five minutes in a special Atomic Memory Fit Oven set at 117°C.


The shell is taken out of the oven, the liner is put back into the boot and the customer is asked to step onto the Atomic Memory Fit Cooling Mat while wearing the heated boot. The buckles are done up loosely. The customer must then stand still for two minutes while the boot moulds to the shape of the foot.


Finally, a member of staff from Sport Stangl wraps an Atomic Memory Fit Cooling Pack around the boot. After a five-minute cooling period the boot is ready to use.