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exchanges & returns

Rental conditions at Sport Stangl in Flachau

Here at Sport Stangl we offer customers the chance to not only exchange their equipment free of charge but also to return equipment which they have hired or bought. Please read our rental conditions carefully for details on liability, insurance, exchanges, returns and refunds.

rental conditions

Ski and snowboard equipment

  1. The customer assumes full liability for the equipment hired.
  2. The equipment is not insured (please enquire for details). It is possible to purchase insurance for 10% of the rental price. This insurance covers 100% of costs resulting from damage to the equipment and 75% of costs resulting from theft of the equipment.
  3. Equipment which is damaged beyond repair or stolen (and has not been insured using the above-mentioned option) must be paid for by the customer. The price will be calculated based on the standard of the equipment and its age.
  4. Any theft of equipment must be reported by the customer to the local police.
  5. Rental equipment which is stolen but has been insured using the method set out in point two of this list will be subject to an excess amounting to 25% of the rental price. Rental equipment which is damaged beyond repair and has been insured will not be subject to an excess.
  6. The customer will be charged for repair costs if a) the rental equipment is damaged as the result of improper use (even with insurance) or b) the rental equipment is not insured and is damaged but not beyond repair.
  7. Customers are entitled to swap their boots, skis and snowboards for a different model in the same category at any time. They are also entitled to swap boots, skis and snowboards for a different model in a higher category in reuturn for an extra fee. It is not, however, possible to swap equipment of a higher category for equipment in a lower category and receive a refund on the difference in price.
  8. The rental fee for the rental equipment must be paid by the day of return. Equipment must be returned in the evening or by 9:00 a.m. at the latest. Equipment which is returned later will be charged for the extra day.
  9. If, for any reason whatsoever, the rental equipment is not returned on time, the matter will be reported to the police seven days after the scheduled day of return.
  10. Customers cannot receive a refund by returning rental equipment earlier than arranged. Please be aware that refunds are only possible as the result of accidents or illness (doctor's note required).
  11. With your signature you agree that the binding has been set in accordance with the personal details you have given to our shop staff. Bindings are set according to the manufacturer's instructions.
  12. When booking your equipment online, it is possible to purchase cancellation insurance. This costs 2% of the rental price. Bookings with cancellation insurance can be cancelled up to two days before the start of the rental period. Bookings without cancellation insurance cannot be cancelled.
  13. The law applicable to the contractual relationship in accordance with the above-mentioned rental conditions shall be the respective national law of the contractual partner.
  14. By booking online, you agree to the above-mentioned contractual conditions. These are legally binding.